2020 was a hard year on us all. It was new, it was scary, and for most of us - it was something we'd never seen or experienced. 

Some of us have gone through tougher. We've gone through rough childhoods, divorces, sickness, healing. 

We've been through grief and anger and struggle. 

Some have been through not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Not knowing if they'll have a bed to sleep in. Not knowing if their lights would come back on or not. 

Some of us have been blessed with a family that loves us unconditionally - and some of us have not been so lucky. 

I've been through some of these things. I've been lucky enough to not go through some of these, but know people that have. 

We've made it this far in life. 

Now, we're just learning and growing and trying to figure out what comes next.

And this is my outlet. 

Welcome to the adventure!